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PE Pipe, HDPE Pipe

HDPE pipe is widely used for a number of applications because it is non-conductive, extremely strong, durable, flexible and resistant to corrosion and chemicals of all types. Primarily used for the transport of potable water, wastewater, chemicals and compressed gases, HDPE pipe is very light in weight, easy to handle and less expensive to transport and install than metallic pipe.

SECOR presently stocks 2406/2708 medium density polyethylene pipe, PE 3408/3608 HDPE pipe, PE 4710 pipe, PE 100 pipe manufactured by PolyPipe and WL Plastics, Inc.

Either coiled or straight length HDPE pipe can be joined by way of a variety of methods. The preferred method is heat fusion. This includes butt fusion, saddle fusion, socket fusion and electro-fusion. They all create a completely leak-proof, fully restrained joint that will last for the design life of the piping system. In fact, positive leak-free joints are quickly and easily made with equipment from McElroy Manufacturing Company one of the premier manufacturers of pipe fusing equipment.

HDPE pipe can also be joined with mechanical and flanged connections and then sealed with high technology sealing gaskets such as the one’s manufactured by Pipeline Seal and Insulator, Inc.

Seeing as HDPE pipe and heat fusion joints provide zero environmental leakage, fugitive emissions are eliminated - an especially important attribute when economically sensitive resources or volatile fluids are transported via pipe, pipelines and associated piping systems.

HDPE pipe is flexible and can therefore bend or move when subject to internal and external pressure changes or ground movement such as in earthquake prone regions or areas where the ground tends to be unstable.

Installation of HDPE pipe may be achieved via open trench or trenchless technology, pipe bursting, slip-lining or horizontal directional drilling (HDD) techniques.

HDPE pipe is the environmentally sound choice for all types of piping systems. Not only does it protect the environment via zero environmental leakage, in addition, techniques used to manufacture HDPE pipe are much less harmful to the environment when compared to PVC pipe.